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We're blitzing the Grand Finale for the SHELTER VALLEY STORIES by TARA TAYLOR QUINN!

On Tour with Prism Book Tours.

Book Tour Grand Finale for
Shelter Valley Stories
By Tara Taylor Quinn

If you missed any of these stops, go back and get to know Shelter Valley and the stories found there...

Katie's Clean Book Collection - Shelter Valley Guest Post

I want to introduce you to Shelter Valley. It’s a fictitious town in Arizona, but one that has stood the test of time. While the scenery is spectacular and the weather divine, the backbone of Shelter Valley, what keeps people coming back for, are her people. In Shelter Valley they believe in second chances. If you are kind to others, you’re welcome to stop by. And if they take you in, you’ll have friends and champions for life.

Mythical Books - My Sister, Myself Guest Post

On this particular visit to Shelter Valley, you’re going to meet Tory Evans. She’s only twenty-six but circumstances, experience and a sharp intelligence make her more aware of some things than she’d like to be. You’ll get to know Tory from the very beginning of this story—but only you and one other person in Shelter Valley know that she’s Tory Evans; everyone else believes she’s her older sister, Christine. . .

Mel's Shelves - Becca's Baby Excerpt

The stick had turned blue. Another mistake in a day that seemed to be full of them. The stupid thing wasn’t supposed to turn blue.

At forty-two, Rebecca Parsons had firmly believed she was on her way into early menopause. A welcome relief from the monthly inconvenience she’d endured for thirty years. For many, many of those months, the inconvenience had been accompanied by bitter disappointment – not pregnant – until she’d eventually given up hope.

Teatime and Books - White Picket Fences Guest Post

Now, here are two interesting people. They’re both attractive, successful, honest and hardworking—and they’re both living at home at a time when they should be starting families. Because underneath all the smiles they have scars no one else can see. They touched me, I think, because they’re like a lot of us who put on our smiles to face the world when deep inside there’s pain most people never know about. . .

deal sharing aunt - My Sister, Myself Excerpt

“This is incredible,” Phyllis said. She took hold of Tory’s shoulders, turning Tory to face her.

“They think you’re dead, that you’ve been cremated.”

Tory nodded wearily, her eyes overflowing with tears. “The death certificate I have is my own.”

underneath the covers - White Picket Fences Excerpt

Maybe she needed a fence.


Looking around the perimeter of her front yard, noticing how it ran right off to the sidewalk without so much as a by-your-leave, she nodded. That was it. When she was growing up, she’d always had this image of a home with a picket fence. Probably got it from watching too many reruns of The Donna Reed Show or Leave It to Beaver.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Randi slid off her boulder and went back inside. Thank goodness that was settled. She probably didn’t have time this break to install a fence, which was fine with her; she could go to Phoenix and play as good a round of golf as she was still capable of playing.

But come spring break, she’d get this done.

All her life needed was a white picket fence.

The Written Adventure - Friendship in Shelter Valley Guest Post

And if you want to be friends…I’ve started a Friendship board on Pinterest. It’s an open board. Anyone can follow to post. The only caveat – it’s only about friendship. No sales. No causes – no matter how worthy. It’s just a feel good place for a friendship fix. We post personal pictures of us with our friends, pictures of celebrity friends, and lots and lots of friendship quotes. Sometimes we post good morning hugs. We’ve got over 1200 pinners – adding an average of 300 a month – and thousands of pins. That’s a lot of friendship. We’d love to have you join us at:

Zerina Blossom's Books - Shelter Valley Stories Guest Post

I think women are the strongest creatures on earth. It takes a lot more internal strength to open yourself up to nurturing those with whom you come in contact – because of the risk of being hurt – than it does to plow over anything in your path. Or to disregard everyone in your way. And women, overall, are nurturers.

Stormy Nights Reviewing & Bloggin' - Review

Holy smokes what an amazing book!!! Not what I expected, but yet wasn't too sure what to expect. On the edge page turner no doubt!

Harlie's Books - Review

I highly recommend My Sister, Myself. Powerful, poignant and beautifully written. Slow building romance can be a downer for some readers but with Ben and Christine, it makes sense. In fact, the sweetest of it just reminds me what romance is all about. The friendship, the courtship and then the declaration.

For a Limited Time! Grab all three books on sale!

Becca's BabyBecca's Baby
(Shelter Valley Stories, #1)
by Tara Taylor Quinn
Adult Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 297 pages
February 15th 2002 by Harlequin Books

Meet Will and Becca Parsons, who ve lived in Shelter Valley, Arizona, all their lives. Shelter Valley means everything to them. Home. Family. Security. Love. Everything that matters is right there in that town.

Will and Becca have been married for 20 years. It s a good marriage a contented marriage marred by only one disappointment: their inability to have children. But their dream of a baby has gradually been replaced by other interests, other goals.

In any case, Will and Becca are in their 40s now.

It s too late for babies.

Except it s not. Because Becca s pregnant. And that reality throws their carefully ordered lives into complete disarray.

A baby after all these years.

My Sister, Myself
(Shelter Valley Stories, #2)
by Tara Taylor Quinn
Adult Contemporary Romance, Suspense
Paperback & ebook, 304 pages
May 31st 2002 by Harlequin Books

She's not who she says she is! Tory Evans is living her sister's life. Christine is dead, murdered by Tory's vengeful ex-husband, and now - for her own survival - Tory has taken on Christine's identity. Her name, her job, her new home in Shelter Valley, Arizona.

He's reinventing his life. Ben Sanders is a divorced father who's come to Shelter Valley to resume the education that was interrupted years before. He's intrigued by one of his professors, the woman he knows as Christine Evans. She's smart, she's beautiful - and she's hiding something. She's also off-limits.

Despite that, despite the secrecy and the danger, Tory and Ben are drawn to each other. Second chances really do exist. Especially in a place like Shelter Valley...

White Picket Fences
White Picket Fences
(Shelter Valley Stories, #3)
by Tara Taylor Quinn
Adult Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 298 pages
June 21st 2002 by Harlequin Books

What's missing in Miranda Parson's life? Nothing, she thinks--until she meets handsome, caring veterinarian Zack Foster and discovers an intense desire that shakes her safe and familiar world. Trouble is, a heart-weary Zack prefers his romances short and sweet and isn't looking for commitment to any woman. Yet the longing that ignited between them couldn't be resisted for long. But for true love there needs to be true risk--so will Zack and Miranda's quiet lives ever be the same again...?

The author of more than 70 original novels, in twenty languages, Tara Taylor Quinn is a USA Today bestseller with over six million copies sold. She is known for delivering deeply emotional and psychologically astute novels of suspense and romance. Tara is a recipient of the Reader’s Choice Award, a five time finalist for the RWA Rita Award, the Reviewer’s Choice Award, the Bookseller’s Best Award and appears frequently on bestseller lists, including #1 placement on Amazon lists. Tara is the past-president of Romance Writers of America and served eight years on that board of directors. She has appeared on national and local TV across the country, including CBS Sunday Morning and is a frequent guest speaker. In her spare time Tara likes to travel, climb Arizona mountains, and inline skate.

Tara is a supporter of the National Domestic Violence Hotline. If you or someone you know might be a victim of domestic violence in the United States, please contact 1-800-799-7233. 

Tour Giveaway

GRAND PRIZE (to one winner):  An eBook set of books 5 through 14 of the Shelter Valley Stories (Just Around the Corner, Born In the Valley, Sheriff of Shelter Valley, Nothing Sacred, Somebody’s Baby, Sophie’s Secret, Full Contact, It’s Never Too Late, Second Time’s the Charm, and The Moment of Truth) - INT
Print books of the last three books in the Shelter Valley Stories (The Shelter Valley Scholarship books: It’s Never Too Late, Second Time’s the Charm, and The Moment of Truth) - US only to one winner
e-book set of Born in the Valley and Sheriff of Shelter Valley – INT to one winner
Ends September 25th

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