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We're launching the Book Tour for EARTHMAN JACK VS. THE SECRET ARMY by MATTHEW KADISH!

On tour with Prism Book Tours.

Book Tour for
Earthman Jack vs. The Secret Army
By Matthew Kadish

Tour Schedule
9/27: Grand Finale

Interview with Author Matthew Kadish

Author Matthew Kadish has had a very interesting career.  He was a semi-finalist in the 2001 Nichol’s Screenplay Fellowship Awards, which launched him into Hollywood and making a movie with Oscar-winning actor Jeremy Renner, which he took to the Cannes Film Festival in 2004.  After a long period of writing screenplays, he’s branched out into novels.  His primary series, The Earthman Jack Space Saga, hit the shelves back in 2013, and he has since travelled the country promoting the first book in the series, Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet.

Now, Kadish is getting ready to release the second book in this young adult science fiction space opera, entitled Earthman Jack vs. The Secret Army.  Here’s an interview with the author where we ask him some of our most pressing questions.

Q:  What is the Earthman Jack Space Saga?

My elevator pitch for the series is basically “Harry Potter meets Star Wars.”  It’s about a fifteen year old kid from Ohio named Jack who one day suddenly finds himself at the epicenter of an intergalactic conflict between a benevolent Galactic Empire and an army of evil aliens called Deathlords.  Jack is a bit of a slacker and an underachiever, but through the course of his adventure, he learns to be the hero the universe needs.  Essentially, the Earthman Jack Space Saga is my love-letter to all the sci-fi I grew up geeking out over.

Q:  Who is the audience for your books, and the Earthman Jack series in particular?

I wanted to write something that was accessible for people of all ages.  Kind of like how both kids and adults can enjoy a Pixar movie.  The Earthman Jack books are very family friendly, with no sex or vulgar language.  But there is a lot of fun, adventure, humor, action, and even a bit of romance with a healthy pinch of teen angst for good measure in them.  (People love their angst, after all!)  I’ve had readers as young as 8 and as old as 60 read it and love it.  Though the book is classified as “young adult,” lots of hard core sci-fi fans really love it as well.  Since it is my love-letter to 80s and early 90s pop culture, that seems to resonate with fans who grew up during that period.

Q:  What was the biggest challenge or difference between writing book 2 in the series, as opposed to writing the first book?

Well, the biggest difference was the time it took to write it.  With the first book I worked on it for about 5 years.  But that was back when I had a day job and worked on it in fits and spurts.  When penning book 2, I had no distractions, and it took me about 2 months to complete the rough draft.  But that was two months of solid writing from sun up to sun down.  Also, book 2 was much more complex because I’m expanding the universe I started in the first book, and all that worldbuilding had to be thought through and finalized as I worked it into the book.  There are going to be 7 books in the series, and each book gets bigger and bigger, so the sheer scope of it can be daunting.  But I think I’m up to the challenge.

Q:  You’ve worked in Hollywood before.  Any chance of Earthman Jack becoming a movie?

Well, having worked in Hollywood and knowing how that industry operates, I can honestly say the chances of that happening are probably slim, but then again, you never know.  Hopefully as the series progresses, the fan base will continue to grow and support it.  I know fans of the first book are rabid to get their hands on the second, and those that have already read the sequel say it’s even better than the first.  I can tell you that if Hollywood does come knocking, I’m going to be very particular about who I allow to handle the property.  I don’t want to see what happened to Percy Jackson happen to Earthman Jack.

Q:  Where can people find out more about Earthman Jack?

Well, if someone is interested in giving the series a try, they can go to and download a Special Edition of the first book for free.  This is an edition that is not offered in the online stores, and contains lots of cool bonuses, like full page illustrations, an interview with me, an appendix detailing certain aspects of the universe, and a sneak peek at book 2.  It’s available for all formats, so anyone can get access to it and enjoy it.  I’d encourage anyone who’s interested to download it and check it out.  Book 2 will be available for sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and stuff like that.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions, Matthew!  We look forward to checking out the Earthman Jack books!

My pleasure.  Hope you like them!

Earthman Jack vs. The Secret Army (The Earthman Jack Space Saga, #2)Earthman Jack vs. The Secret Army
(The Earthman Jack Space Saga #2)
by Matthew Kadish
YA Sci-Fi
Paperback & ebook, 663 Pages
September 15th 2015 by Twelve Oaks Media

After his heroic battle against the Deathlords on the Ghost Planet, Jack Finnegan is looking forward to arriving at Omnicron Prime, the capitol planet of the Galactic Regalus Empire -the largest and most advanced civilization in the universe.

Things are looking bright for Jack. He has his unconventional group of friends, his mystical spaceship, and the girl of his dreams -Princess Anna. Not to mention a secret mission that could save Earth and everyone he cares about.

But things get complicated when he arrives at Omnicron. Not only is Jack uncomfortable being thrust into the spotlight for his courageous actions to save the universe, but he soon finds life in the Empire isn't everything he'd dreamed it would be.

His friends abandon him to pursue their own interests. Greedy and cunning politicians conspire to steal his spaceship. Even his relationship with Anna is strained now that she's gone from being "the girl next door" to the most powerful woman in the universe.

But beneath all that lies a new and terrifying threat from the Deathlords. A threat that grows in secret, slowly spreading throughout the Regalus Empire like a plague, and it threatens to destroy from within the only thing powerful enough to stop the Deathlords and their malicious rampage throughout the galaxy -the Empire itself.

Worst of all -Jack is the only one who knows about this new threat, and no one will believe his warnings.

Suddenly, the Empire is no longer safe for Jack and his friends. Even the people they've come to rely on the most can no longer be trusted. As those he's sworn to protect turn against him, how can Jack hope to save the day?

Fighting the Deathlords was one thing. Fighting the "good guys" is quite another. Will Jack be able to find the strength to be the hero the universe needs?

Or will he finally be defeated by this Secret Army?

Amazon - Book Depository

Also in the Series

Earthman Jack vs. the Ghost Planet (The Earthman Jack Space Saga, #1)Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet
(The Earthman Jack Space Saga #1)
by Matthew Kadish
YA Sci-Fi
Paperback & ebook, 680 Pages
July 4th 2013 by Twelve Oaks Media

Jack Finnegan only has to worry about dealing with school bullies, suffering through detention with his homeroom teacher, and getting noticed by the girl of his dreams... at least until an army of evil aliens invade Earth. Suddenly, this teenage slacker finds himself at the center of a galaxy-spanning conflict - where the lives of everyone on the planet are in jeopardy, soldiers use Quantum Physics to become superheroes, and the enemy uses some mysterious form of magic to make themselves practically unstoppable.

The secret to ending the conflict and saving the universe may lie in a powerful ancient spaceship, which it seems can only be flown by Earthmen. Now, Jack and a rag-tag group of allies must overcome impossible odds, defeat an unkillable enemy, rescue the princess of the galaxy, and save the universe from a threat more terrifying than any it has ever faced.

Can this underachiever rise to the occasion and become the hero Earth needs? The fate of all life in the galaxy may rest in his hands.

Author Profile Headshot

Matthew Kadish is an independent author and world-recognized evil genius. When he isn't writing or being evil, he enjoys relaxing at the beach and videos of puppies. Much like Scottish cuisine, most of his literary works have been based on dares. He currently lives in Las Vegas and always bets on black, because Westley Snipes has yet to steer him wrong in life. He is the most talented author ever. His mother tells him so every day.

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