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Tour Hosts/Blogger FAQs

For those of you new to PRISM, or if you have some questions about being a tour host for us, we've put together some information that should hopefully help you out. The first thing you should do is make sure that Prism Book Tours is added to your email contacts so that you get our emails. We are similar to other tour services in some ways, but unique in others.

  • Posts must be posted on your blog by 8 am Eastern Time (US). We do check posts daily as do most authors. We also share posts on social media.
  • Posts do not have to be top for the day unless specified in the sign-up.
  • You are responsible for noting on your calendar when you sign up for a tour, which dates you've signed up for. We confirm dates when we send out the tour schedule or by individual email. Please double check your date and make sure you have it calendared. You are responsible for posting on your date.
  • If you miss a post, we will email and tweet (if we have your info) to see what's up. If we hear from you and you still post during the tour, being late doesn't count against you.
  • If you miss a post and we don't hear from you or you contact us after the Grand Finale has gone out, this counts as a missed post. You only get one missed post as a pass. The next time this happens you will not be allowed to tour with us for an actual tour. You still may post Blitzes (including sharing Grand Finales) and Cover Reveals. We, along with authors and publishers, depend on you to be responsible and post when you've committed to. When you don't, not only does this reflect badly on us, it's very frustrating for authors and publishers who have paid for the tour, sometimes it being the only promotion they will get. We have to trust our tour hosts, so please don't abuse that trust. Pencil in the dates of a tour when you sign up and contact us if something comes up and you need to switch your date or are unable to post. When you contact us, it doesn't count against you.
  • Reviews need to be rated three out of five stars or higher to be included in a tour. If a blogger doesn't like a book or would rate it lower than three stars, they can withdraw from the tour or post an excerpt or promo instead. They should still post their honest review, but not for their tour stop.
  • Review copies sent in ebook are not to be shared, sold, published, traded, or used in any way that would infringe upon the copyright. Authors entrust reviewers to be honest. We expect the same. If we find out a blogger has ever done something they shouldn't with a review copy, they will immediately be removed from our list and information sent to the correct sources for litigation and damages.
  • If reviewing for a Review Request, reviews should be posted on your blog (if applicable), Goodreads, and retail sites by the date specified.
  • Run for about a week.
  • We normally email out the HTML Code one day to a week before to all our tour hosts.
  • We allow bloggers to share the BLITZ for the five days a blitz runs.
  • Everyone who posts gets a follow spot on the Rafflecopter or an entry in a blogger-only giveaway. 
  • If it's one that we have a sign-up for, those on the sign up are emailed first and have first priority on the Rafflecopter/giveaway. 
  • Every tour stop on our tours include content that is exclusive to that stop. This can include a review, excerpt, guest post, interview, etc. We do not have promo/spotlight posts like other tour services except in certain cases.
  • Review copies are generally ebooks. We have very few authors who offer print copies for review. This seems to be the trend everywhere. However, it never hurts to ask, so if you need a print copy please let us know and we can find out if the author would be willing to send one.
  • We create a schedule for the tour that we email out to confirm with tour participants. Sometimes the schedule changes. It's imperative that you confirm your date and that you also schedule the date you've been assigned so that you remember when you need to post. Sometime stops need to go in order and authors check your site for their post. If you need to make a change, please let us know right away so that we can adjust the tour appropriately. It's usually not a big deal, especially if you give us plenty of notice.
  • Then there is the actual tour. The closest thing we have to a Media Kit is the post we prepare to share with everyone. We call it the post info and the HTMLs by the format they are (Blogger and Wordpress). We normally include the HTML and the post info in an MS Word doc. You can choose which you'd like to use for your post. You then add your exclusive content, be it a review, guest post, excerpt, interview, etc. to this post.
  • Tour participants can also pull information off of the tour Launch if they prefer not to use the post info we email out.
  • Since we gather the information in a blog, we can share in easy-to-post html formats, but that doesn't mean your post has to look like ours!! Please fix, update, re-arrange... whatever you like. Both of us have participated with lots of tours and we know it can take an hour to create a good post sometimes, and there's no need for tour hosts to be re-creating stuff... just pick up where we leave off and we'll cut your time in half, at least!
  • Most tour hosts ask for a Guest Post subject or something like that. Prism does not when it's a "THEMED TOUR". We work directly with the author, digging for delicious details hiding in the author's life or the writing behind the book... something yummy that's big enough to share throughout the entire tour.
  • The Grand Finale is also something we do that other tours don't. The final day of the tour is a summary of each stop on the tour with permalinks and quotes from each blog (unless an author or publisher opts not do one). This is a rather monster-sized post that we create slowly throughout the entire tour and then share (in html, again) with lots of bloggers - not just the bloggers on the tour. Everyone who shares our Grand Finales (with links to all the participating blogs!) gets Rafflecopter space for posting or an entry in a blogger-only giveaway, like a Blitz. It's a great way to end a tour!!
  • Each bookstagrammer receives a physical book (ARC or finished copy) from the author or publisher.
  • They take an original, good quality picture that they then post to their Instagram account on their assigned date.
  • There are also specific tags and book information that they post along with the picture.
  • They post a purchase or other link in their bio (can use to do so).
  • They are not required to review.
  • All the information they need is sent via email approximately a week before the tour begins.
  • We send suggested tweets/posts for social media out to our bloggers who can choose when to share during the promotion.
  • Usually there is no giveaway associated with Social Media Blasts.


We send the following out via email:
  • Tour event sign-ups
  • Biltzes with pre-made posts
  • Tour Announcements
  • Cover Reveals with pre-made posts
  • Post information for a tour participant's specific date (the only necessary thing to post, if you're on a tour)
  • The Grand Finale Blitz
  • Review Requests
  • Social Media Blasts
Privacy Policy
1. Information We Collect
(a) Information you voluntarily provide to us: When you sign up for our blogger list for tour events and/or as a reviewer, communicate through email, or sign up for a giveaway through an author or using Rafflecopter you are voluntarily giving us information we collect. That information may include either your or your Subscribers’ name, physical address, email address, and/or IP address. By giving us this information, you consent to this information being collected, used, disclosed, transferred to the United States and stored by us, as described in our Terms of Use (stated below) and in this Privacy Policy.
(b) Information collected through MailChimp, Rafflecopter and other third party services: When you sign up as a blogger and/or reviewer, or when you enter one of our giveaways, MailChimp and Rafflecopter stores specific information that you have voluntarily given. Each of these services has their own privacy policies and terms of use. They each also have their own security measures, which is one reason we use their services. They keep your information safe.
2. Use and Disclosure of Personal Information
We may use and disclose Personal Information only for the following purposes:
(a) To promote use of our services to you and others. For example, when we send marketing material from an author or publisher or a tour or review sign-up and include you in those emails or notices. The purpose of our service is to promote books through virtual tours or other events, including reviews. If you’ve signed up to receive that information, that is the purpose of the information you have provided.
(b) To send you informational and promotional content. You can stop receiving our promotional emails by following the unsubscribe instructions included in every email. You can also update your preferences and mailing address at any time.
(c) To send review copies of book or other promotional or “thank you” packages from authors and publishers. This includes sending you emails and mail (for print copies and physical swag from authors and publishers).
(d) To send you prizes for giveaways. If you’ve entered a giveaway, we use the information you provide to award prizes. An example would be when we sometimes have blogger giveaways for those who share our Grand Finales. We use the information you’ve provided to email the prize (i.e. an electronic Amazon gift card).

Your information will never be transferred or sold or used in any other way than for the purposes of our tours, reviews, giveaways, and for authors and publishers who need to send you review copies or who have thank you packages for those who participated in promoting their books. In other words, your information will only be used for the purposes you provided it for.

If you'd like to update your profile as a Tour Host (or be removed from our mailing list), you can do so HERE. If you'd like to sign up as a reviewer (you do not have to be a blogger to do so), go HERE.

Please email us with any questions at prismbooktours(at)

Tressa @ Wishful Endings
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