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It's the Grand Finale for HER COWBOY SWEETHEART by Cathy McDavid! #HCSPrism

On Tour with Prism Book Tours

We hope you enjoyed the tour! If you missed any of the stops
you'll find snippets, as well as the link to each full post, below:

Launch - Note from the Author

It’s here, book four in my Sweetheart Ranch series, HER COWBOY SWEETHEART! It seems like only yesterday I came up with the series idea while researching venues for my own upcoming wedding (was that really over three years ago?). Just goes to show you how long it can take from conception to completion. I have to say, while I’ve loved all four books, HER COWBOY SWEETHEART is perhaps my favorite. . .

"This is very different from the other Heartwarming novels I’ve read – in a very good way. It is not a light-hearted read; instead it is a powerful, heart-tugging, emotionally engaging, honest, and beautiful tale of real life issues and real love. A love that puts what is best and needed overall, rather than wants and desires. . . . This is one read that will stick with readers for a while and perhaps make them examine their own relationships. This is perhaps one of the most emotional Heartwarming books I’ve read."

"I enjoyed how the romance developed in Her Cowboy Sweetheart. The author brought conflict into the book for the characters as individuals and together. I love how they draw strength from each other.

This a very sweet and inspiring book, and I think you’ll enjoy it."

“How’s it going, Rico?” He used his pet name for Rickie.

Instantly, her son stopped fussing and lit up like a starburst. Arms and legs flailing, he babbled a string of nonsense syllables. Carly mentally translated. Hi, JD! I’m happy to see you. Please play with me.

JD removed his scuffed cowboy hat and plunked it down on Rickie’s head. “Can you hold onto this for me while I help your mama? I’d appreciate it.”

Rickie giggled and pulled on the sides of the hat, distorting its shape. JD didn’t appear to mind and, after cuffing the boy gently on the chin, he unlatched the gate.

"Cathy McDavid delivers another sweet & swoony romance set at the Sweetheart Ranch. Engaging characters and compelling subplots immediately draw readers’ interest and keep it for the duration of the novel. Hombre the dog and toddler Rickie add notes of comedy and warmth to break up the more serious undertones that threaten JD and Carly’s budding romance, and you’ll quickly fall in love with both of them. Another great visit to the Sweetheart Ranch – ready for the next!"

"Her Cowboy Sweetheart by Cathy McDavid is an excellent book that I was instantly transported into and not wanting to leave. I loved every minute of it. Ms. McDavid did a fantastic job on this book, and this series is becoming a favorite of mine. I love the little tidbits of some Spanish being spoken, and to the way, Carly was envisioned as a single mom. I am giving this book five stars and recommending it to anyone that reads romances."

"This story reminds us how best friends can make the best partners in life. Family and close friends are extremely important. And listen to those gut instincts. (I always talked about the importance of the Mama Gut when I was teaching.) It also reminds us that you can be strong and learn to trust again.

I do so love this series and am looking forward to more!"

"I do love a good Harlequin Heartwarming story, and Cathy McDavid delivers a beautiful read that is wholesome, clean, entertaining and insightful. . . . I very much enjoyed reading Her Cowboy Sweetheart, and I'm ready to read another story with all the feels, just like this one. Romance readers will delight in this touching story of life's triumphs, tragedies and the power of love."

Jorie Loves A Story - Spotlight

"I so love this series so much. These books are make you feel good romances. This book was no different. I could hardly put it down. . . . Trust me after you finish this book your heart is going to be happy sighing. Then throw in JD's dog Hombre you have recipe for a great book. It's a must read!"

"I love books that deal with real-life illnesses. In Her Cowboy Sweetheart, JD has a balance disorder that affects his everyday life.

I have read a lot about the illness he has, and I am glad to see a character in a book that has it. There needs to be more awareness of it."

"Her Cowboy Sweetheart is a great addition to the Sweetheart Ranch series, yet it is able to be read and enjoyed as a stand alone novel, too. I really liked the two main characters, JD and Carly. They both showed, time and again, throughout the novel that they would put the safety of others above what their heart desired."

"Her Cowboy Sweetheart is such a heartwarming and sweet novel that it was hard to stop reading it once I started. I quickly got caught up in the story of single mom, Carly Leightman who is raising her precious little boy, Rickie. . . . I thought the author penned an emotional story with likeable characters and I will definitely be reading more of her work. What I enjoyed most of all is that this is a clean romance that is suitable for readers of all ages."

Kimber Li - Excerpt

“Yeah, but he could get hurt. Or one of the horses. I can’t let that happen.”

They turned simultaneously to leave, Carly pushing the stroller. Three steps later, JD unexpectedly swayed and knocked into her. The next instant, he moaned and pitched forward.

She caught his arm and instead of him face-planting on the ground, he dropped slowly to his hands and knees. Alarm shot through her.

“JD! JD! Are you okay?”

"I was absorbed into this story fairly quickly. The characters are engaging and interesting, and their dilemmas aren’t typical in romance. . . the story is realistic, potent, and deeply moving."

EmpowerMoms - Review

"I laughed and got teary… lots of great emotions and events happening in this story! I can’t wait to read more in this series! Highly recommend for a fun, easy read."

Remembrancy - Review

"As if Carly and JD aren’t cute enough together, Cathy McDavid goes and adds an adorable one year old and a dog who is learning to obey (not so well) to the mix in Her Cowboy Sweetheart. . . . McDavid throws some difficult challenges (health and family) at her characters that they must overcome before they can reach their happily ever after. . . . This is another fantastic addition to the Sweetheart Ranch series."

Heidi Reads... - Excerpt

A wave of nausea hit. No, he silently hollered. Not again!

“JD? Are you all right?” Carly’s voice sounded twenty feet away.

Concentrating on Hombre’s barking, he blindly reached for the nearest solid object to anchor himself. Finding one, he closed his eyes and counted his breaths. All kidding aside, meditation techniques did sometimes stave off an attack. And, they did today.

Inch by inch, the thick fog vanished. Little by little, the ground beneath his feet stabilized. Bit by bit, his stomach settled.


He opened his eyes and was surprised to find Carly’s face inches from his and his arm wrapped around her. Concern filled her expression as she studied him intently.

Hallie Reads - Review

"Visiting Sweetheart Ranch once again in Her Cowboy Sweetheart is a pleasure. The story between Carly and JD tends to be more serious and emotional than most I have read from Harlequin Heartwarming, yet Cathy McDavid makes sure it has some lightheartedness, too. Overall, the story’s elements work well to deliver a heartwarming read, and as I read, I found it to be an easy one to enjoy."

Don't forget to enter the giveaway at the end of this post...

Her Cowboy Sweetheart
(The Sweetheart Ranch #4)
By Cathy McDavid
Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 384 Pages
May 5th 2020 by Harlequin Heartwarming

He’s been a good friend

But can he be her sweetheart?

At Sweetheart Ranch, single mom Carly Leighton finds a fresh start, and a friendly neighbor in former bull rider JD Moreno. Neither are looking for love—Carly must think first of her son, Rickie, while JD is recovering from a career-ending balance disorder. But when her former in-laws demand access to Rickie, Carly turns to JD for support and finds he is becoming more than a friend in need…

(Affiliate links included.)

Other Books in the Series

(Book covers linked to Amazon affiliate links.)

About the Author

As a sophomore in high school, NY TimesUSA Today, and Amazon bestselling author Cathy McDavid won a local writing competition with her self-illustrated children’s book. Who knew that small triumph would eventually lead to a career writing contemporary romances with over 1.3 million books sold? With forty-seven titles to date, Cathy is also a member of the prestigious Romance Writers of America’s Honor Roll. This “almost” Arizona native and mother of grown twins recently married her own real-life sweetheart. After leaving the corporate world four years ago, she now spends her days penning stories about good looking men who ride the range or fight fires or hunt creatures all while sweeping the girl off her feet. It’s a tough job but she’s willing to make the sacrifice.

Tour Giveaway

One winner will receive a $10 Amazon gift card, $5 Starbucks gift card, author swag, and either a print or Kindle copy of THE COWBOY’S PERFECT MATCH
(US only - if outside the US winner will instead receive a $15 Amazon e-gift card and a Kindle copy of THE COWBOY’S PERFECT MATCH).

Ends May 13, 2020

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