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We're launching the Book and Bookstagram Tours for JORDAN'S DELIVERANCE by Allen Steadham! #JDPrism

On Tour with Prism Book Tours

Author Interview

What inspired you to write JORDAN'S DELIVERANCE?

It is the third and final book in the Jordan of Algoran Christian Science-Fantasy series. I started work on the series in 2015 with a basic premise: God is not limited to Earth. He reigns over the whole universe. So, He is able to reach Jordan, even when she and her mother are abducted and taken to another world. I decided to carry this idea throughout the series and to its conclusion.

If you could sum the book up in one sentence, what would you say?

Jordan’s faith faces its greatest test, both on Algoran and Earth, with many lives hanging in the balance.

What challenged you about writing this story?

Writing a conclusion that would satisfy both me and the readers. I considered a spin-off, which would have affected the writing, but decided against it. I didn’t know which characters would live and which would die, until well into writing this novel. I had to lean heavily on the Lord for my inspiration, and He delivered what I think is a very satisfying conclusion.

Which character do you most relate to and why?

I related most to Jordan and Bopol, who are married. I won’t say that I patterned them specifically after me and my wife, but it was an influence. By this book, Jordan and Bopol have been married a long time, so they understand each other in special ways that don’t always need words. They trust each other and have a very deep love. They’re proud of their family. My wife and I have been married 25 years and have three kids, so this was pretty easy to convey. What’s challenging is to make the characters’ love specific to who they are, which means quirks and special ways of expressing their affections or disapprovals.

What do you hope readers will take with them after they’ve read it?

That faith and prayer are powerful. God says in His Word that He will honor both faith and fervent prayer. And if you’re going through hard times, He will deliver you!

What is something about you that is unique or we may not know?

In high school and college, I was a Journalism major. I was taught the fundamentals of Journalism and seriously considered it as a career. However, when I learned about the internal politics driving much of the profession, even back in the early 1990s, I changed my mind. I still use the skills, though. I ran two different podcasts during the early 2000s and even interviewed Leonard Nimoy (the original Mr. Spock from Star Trek) in 2009.

Jordan's Deliverance
(Jordan of Algoran #3)
By Allen Steadham
Christian Science Fiction, Fantasy
Paperback & ebook, 330 Pages
October 13, 2020 by Ambassador International

The Onchei are back.
And trouble looms...

The Onchei want to learn what happened to their brethren on Algoran from the only survivor, Zeetra. Yet they learn instead she has broken the Onchei’s highest law: never intermarry or have children with another race. For this, she now faces execution.

Jordan SnowFire fears the Onchei will blame the Mokta and seek retribution soon. Only an ancient heirloom, which contains the ultimate Onchei knowledge, can save the Mokta...except it's on Earth, a world she hasn't seen in decades.

Jordan sends her son, Arrow, and her friend's daughter, Maska, to rescue Zeetra while she travels back to Earth to seek the Onchei artifact. What tie is there between a thousand-year-old object and Jordan's ancestors? Could this explain why she and her mother were originally abducted and brought to Algoran?

In the skies of Algoran, a final confrontation looms between the Onchei and the Mokta. And on Earth, Jordan finds more than she could have possibly imagined...

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Tour Schedule

October 19th:

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About the Author

Allen Steadham created comic books and webcomics before he started writing novels. He has been married to his wife, Angel, since 1995 and they have two sons and a daughter. When not writing stories, Allen and his wife are singers, songwriters, and musicians. They have been in a Christian band together since 1997. They live in Central Texas.

Tour Giveaway

- One winner will receive signed print copies of the entire Jordan of Algoran series (US only)
- One winner will receive ebook copies of the entire Jordan of Algoran series (open internationally)

- Ends October 29, 2020
Tressa @ Wishful Endings
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